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Fighting stress and anxiety through cardiac coherence and relaxation: SYMBIOFI brings you the best of biomedical research

SYMBIOFI brings to the market innovative solutions for managing stress and anxiety through cardiac coherence and relaxation. SYMBIOFI mobilizes advanced technologies which provide novel solutions for psychoeducation of stress and self-help therapy approaches.
An innovative strategy for fighting stress and anxiety : SYMBIOLINE's patented biomedical device, used in conjunction with 3D video animations.

SYMBIOFI's state-of-the-art products will help you improve your psychological and physical well-being. SYMBIOLINE technology, in particular, is a major breakthrough for anxiety and stress management programs, as well as for relaxation programs.
  • SYMBIOLINE offers interactive exercises which allow users to manage stress through cardiac coherence and relaxation.
  • SYMBIOLINE is extremely helpful for preventing the negative consequences of stress.
  • Drawing on recent advances in biomedical research, SYMBIOLINE brings new perspectives in healthcare, wellness at the workplace and athletic performance.
  • SYMBIOLINE is recommended for medical professionals, personal development consultants and consumers.