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Email Assistance

If you have a question about the SYMBIOLINE technology, and if you have not found an answer in the on-line support center, kindly send an email to our helpdesk:
Please state your client code in the text of your message.

General Terms of Sale (GTS)

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Personal data policy

Our website does not automatically record visitors' IP address or emails. We only collect data that are voluntarily entrusted to us by visitors, such as names and addresses. These data are used to keep our customers informed, for example about website updates or product upgrades.


We use cookies only to store session information data whilst you are connected to our website. Both cookies and session information data are discarded when you log off.

Mailing lists

Please note that our mailing lists are maintained independently and for internal use only. We do not sell, lease, or divulge in any way our mailing lists to any other party. However, we reserve the right to send, from time to time, emails to our "OPT-IN" customers. We pledge to clearly inform "OPT-IN" customers about the purpose of such emails.

Recommend SYMBIOFI to a friend

When a user recommends SYMBIOFI to someone else, we store information pertaining to this other person for internal use only. We send an email to this other person, clearly stating the name and email of the user who has made the recommendation.

Accessing a demo version

When someone wishing to use a demo version of a SYMBIOFI project requests access rights, we store data pertaining to this person for internal use only. An email is sent to this person: it contains a login and a password, which allow to access a demo version of a SYMBIOFI project.