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Who are we ?

We team up with leading French state-supported research teams

SYMBIOFI aims to meet the highest scientific standards and has engaged in active partnerships with leading French state-supported biomedical research teams. SYMBIOFI’s solutions have been approved by a scientific committee of leading physicians. SYMBIOFI’s state-of-the-art applications are derived from patents filed by leading hospital research teams. SYMBIOFI’s products rely on findings obtained by extensive clinical studies.

SYMBIOFI develops interactive multimedia solutions for the psycho-education of stress. SYMBIOFI’s easy-to-use solutions have been designed to meet the needs of a wide array of users. SYMBIOFI pursues the following objectives :

  • provide innovative and easy-to-use psychotherapeutic solutions for psychological support, stress management, anxiety management, wellness, and quality of life;
  • empower patients through novel healthcare approaches, such as self-help therapy;
  • allow quick and easy access to basic stress management techniques, such as cognitive and behavioral therapies (CBTs).

To prevent and to fight stress and anxiety, as well as their negative effects on somatic disorders (cardioarterial problems for example) and neuropsychic disorders (fatigue, irritability, migraines, sleep quality), SYMBIOFI’s state-of-the-art solutions ideally complement standard treatments, and open new horizons in supportive care programs.