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SYMBIOFI’ financial partners

INOVAM and GROUPE FINORPA, our two major financial partners, provide SYMBIOFI with support and funding. INOVAM and GROUPE FINORPA specialize in pump-priming funding. They bought equity stakes in SYMBIOFI in June 2007.


A public-private partnership, INOVAM is a pump-priming and venture capital fund. It is operated by the Regional Development Institute (Institut Régional de Développement).

INOVAM aims to support start-up companies and growing ventures in the fields of biotechnologies, electronics, or Internet/multimedia technologies. It typically provides funding schemes that range between 50,000 and 200,000 euros during the launch phase of a company.

Groupe Finorpa

Groupe Finorpa specializes in funding schemes for regional, medium-sized businesses in the area of Lille (in the “Nord-Pas de Calais” region). It currently supports more than 500 ventures through two investment vehicles, Finorpa PP and Finorpa SCR. Groupe Finorpa operates a budget in excess of 80 million euros per year.

Groupe Finorpa’s funding schemes range between 50,000 euros and 1.5 million euros.

Groupe Finorpa provides support to companies throughout their lifecycle: pump-priming funding, take-off phase, development, ownership change.

A public-private partnership, Finorpa is an independent organization. It is fully certified by the French Authority of Financial Markets.