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Addressing stress and anxiety: SYMBIOFI’s interactive solutions

Physical and psychological unwellness represents a major issue in today’s world. Unwellness impacts our personal lives, but also the very fabric of our societies, as well as the economy at large.

Stress management techniques can help combat unwellness efficiently.

These techniques are based on a holistic approach, which targets cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects. The increasing number of health professionals who resort to these techniques aim to teach patients how to address stress, and how to bring its physical and psychological symptoms under control.

SYMBIOFI brings to health professionals several tools that will help patients manage stress and anxiety, improve emotional balance, receive psychological support, increase their general well-being and thus enjoy a better quality of life.

SYMBIOFI brings to the market innovative and interactive multimedia solutions, which can be used both in a healthcare environment and at the workplace – for example to prevent and manage professional stress.