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Cardiac coherence exercise : at the beach


The patient sees a tropical beach. He/she will try to alter the weather conditions by acting on cardiac coherence. The whole environment—the sky, the sea, the wind, noise— will change in real time, as the patient adjusts his/her cardiac coherence.

Beginning of the exercise

The patient arrives on a beach that is swept by a tropical storm : he/she sees nothing but thunder, lightning, rain, wind and dark skies.


Ultimate stage of the exercise

The patient manages to elicit a beautiful weather, and turns the beach into a paradise-like place.

  • If the patient’s cardiac coherence is low, the storm won’t go away.
  • On the contrary, as the patient manages to increase cardiac coherence, the sun gradually starts to shine, and this seascape becomes more and more pleasant and quiet.
You have already guessed the key principle of the exercise: by driving off the tropical storm and bringing sunshine back, the patient learns to calm down and to master his/her inner feelings.


The patient is assigned two objectives :

  • Bringing back some nice weather.
  • Keeping the weather nice as long as he/she can.