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3D real time exercises allow users to learn cardiac coherence in a gameplay environment.

SYMBIOLINE Professional includes an interactive cardiac coherence software program which patients can use autonomously. It is based on an innovative cardiac coherence training program, and uses 3D videogame-like real-time animations.


  • 3 levels (easy, medium, difficult)
  • 3 exercise durations (5mn, 10mn, 15mn)
  • 4 interactive 3D videogame-like real-time exercises to learn cardiac coherence in a gameplay environment:
  • Additional exercises may be downloaded from SYMBIOLINE Professional’s website

    On a safari
    In the garden
    At the beach

  • Real-time display of hear rate
  • Real-time display of cardiac coherence parameter
  • Tailorable breathing tutorial
  • 3 real-time bar graph meters displaying the percentage of time spent in each zone of cardiac coherence :
  • Zone 1 : coherence from 0% to 20% of total time
    Zone 2 : coherence from 20% to 50% of total time
    Zone 3 : coherence above 50% of total time

  • Real-time display of score