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An accurate, user-friendly ECG sensor

Recording of heartbeats is performed by using a non-invasive peripheral (three bracelets), which collects the ECG signal, digitalizes it and transmits it to the PC across a USB interface. The signal is then processed by SYMBIOFI Professional’s software program.

Watch how to install the sensor

  • The ECG sensor is very easy to use and does not necessitate self-sticking electrodes or gel.
  • It can be used as many times as you wish.
  • It is much more accurate than a traditional pulse sensor, as it sends 250 data samples per second to the measurement engine which anayzes heart rate variability.
  • It is capable of pinpointing the R-peak with extreme accuracy, thus offering a real-time picture of heart rate variability.


SYMBIOFI Professional’s ECG sensor is made up of:

  • a black case (dimensions: 72 x 50 x 25 cm) which houses the electronic board. The case is fitted with two ports: a USB port for the USB cable, and another port to plug in the bundle.
  • an ECG bundle made up of three black wires. One of these wires is fitted with a red ring. The bundle comes with adaptors and clips that are to be connected to the bracelets.
  • set of 3 green bracelets, which are to be installed on the patient’s wrists.
  • a black USB cable (length: 1.80 meters).

Scientific background

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s ECG sensor relies on the scientific expertise of the Institute of Medical Technologies(Institut de Technologie Médicale (ITM))