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SYMBIOLINE Professional's Accessories

The ECG bundle

The ECG bundle is made up of 3 black ECG cables (one of which has a red ring) with :
- at one end, 2-mm. sockets to plug in adaptators or pressure clips for bracelets.
- at the other end, a jack allowing to connect the ECG bundle to the case.

Pressure clips

There are three pressure clips by sensor. They allow to connect the ECG bundle to the bracelets/electrodes. They can of course be fixed to SYMBIOFI’s bracelets and to any model of self-sticking medical electrode equipped with a 4-mm. fastener.


There are 3 bracelets by sensor. They are to be fixed onto the patient’s wrist, just like a wristwatch. They comprise a plastic structure and a conducting band on the inner side. They are light, easy to use, comfortable, secure, and they are totally unharmful to the skin.