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Anxiety and Cardiac Coherence: a SYMBIOFI clinical study


Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital
Psychiatry Department


Laboratory. University Lille 3: Professor J.L. NANDRINO
GHICL - Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital: Professor V. DODIN

Study title

Impact of biofeedback learning techniques on anorectic women’s anxiety levels: analysis of cardiac coherence.


High anxiety levels associated with impulsiveness characterizes the behavior of anorectic female patients. They typically resort to hypercontrol cognitive strategies in order to make up for their initial anxiety.

Besides, their physiological responses to emotional situations are high and long-lasting. But the key point is that these responses are associated with low levels of emotional consciousness, as well as with difficulty in speaking about these emotional situations.

Helping patients to better understand their physiological responses to stressful situations appears to be of great interest.

The objective of the study is to evaluate the extent to which patients undergoing a critical phase of the illness can gradually learn to reach stable cardiac coherence, both in a neutral situation and in a stressful situation. It can be hypothesized that training patients to become aware of their physiological responses will lead to lower anxiety levels.