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Dr. Dominique SERVANT, a specialist of stress and anxiety

docteur Dominique Servant


Hôpital Fontan
Consultation stress et anxiété
CHRU Lille
Rue André Verhaeghe
59037 Lille cedex

A physician and a psychiatrist, Dr. Dominique SERVANT heads Lille CHRU’s specialist stress and anxiety research unit.
A lecturer at Lille II University, he is in charge of the Stress and Anxiety Diploma Program (“Diplôme Universitaire Stress et Anxiété”).
Dr Servant has published several books on stress and anxiety management:

  • Publisher: Masson
    Managing stress and anxiety.
  • Publisher:Odile Jacob
    How to help anxious children and teenagers fulfil themselves.

    Strategies for fighting stress and anxiety on your own.

  • Relaxation and meditation: finding one’s emotional balance.

SYMBIOFI has developed its SYMBIOLINE platform in partnership with Dr. SERVANT.

Dr. Dominique SERVANT brings his medical and psychological expertise to SYMBIOFI. In particular, he is the author of SYMBIOLINE’s relaxation module. He has also designed SYMBIOLINE’s e-learning module, which provides health professionals and personal development consultants with an interactive protocol for using the SYMBIOLINE technology.

Dr. SERVANT is a founding member of AFTA (Association française des troubles anxieux —The French Association of Anxious Disorders) and a distinguished member of AFTCC (Association française de thérapie comportementale et cognitive - The French Association of behavioral and cognitive therapy).

Widely acclaimed in the scientific community at large, Dr. SERVANT is one of France’s leading experts in stress and anxiety.