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Lille’s Cardiology Hospital

A center of clinical excellence, Lille’s Cardiology Hospital offers outstanding care in the specialty area of cardiological or vascular pathologies. It is acknowledged for its unwavering commitment to meeting local needs.

hôpital cardiologique de LilleAs a full-service hospital, Lille’s Cardiology Hospital provides consultations, clinical examinations, and housing for all patients in need of medical or surgical care.

Its Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day.

Lille’s Cardiology Hospital is the only French Hospital north of Paris that performs heart grafts.

SYMBIOFI has established a partnership with the Rhythmology Department, headed by Professor Salem KACET. SYMBIOFI closely cooperates with the Department’s clinical teams, which develop new techniques for heart stimulation and defibrillation, and for the treatment of abnormal heart rhythms.