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SYMBIOLINE Relaxation Program: relaxation exercises

Important :

SYMBIOLINE Relaxation Program is included in SYMBIOLINE Professional. It can also be purchased on-line and downloaded as a standalone product.

Clinical research has clearly shown that stress and our health status are closely interlinked. It has also demonstrated the benefits that can be derived from a whole array of relaxation exercises. Indeed, relaxation is at the crossroads between physiology and psychology, and it has become the cornerstone of most therapies seeking to address the crucial issue of stress.

SYMBIOLINE Relaxation Program gives users the opportunity to do several relaxation exercises in an autonomous fashion.
Professional users may download one or several exercises from SYMBIOFI’s website: 4 exercises are currently available. Additional exercises are currently being developed and will become available on SYMBIOFI’s website in a few weeks.


  • Advice to achieve more efficient relaxation : environment, posture, breathing.
  • Ambient music can be turned on or off at the user’s discretion.
  • Users can download individual exercises or exercise packages.
  • Additional exercises will gradually be added on SYMBIOLINE Professional’s website.