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SYMBIOLINE Professional’s capabilities

SYMBIOLINE Professional comprises a sensor and a PC software program.

  • The sensor allows to record the cardiac signal (electrocardiographic signal or ECG) in order to calculate cardiac coherence.
  • The PC software program offers users a graphic interface. It is made up of 3 different parts :

1. Relaxation

Professional users will be able to download additional relaxation exercises on SYMBIOFI website.

Patients are given the opportunity to practise relaxation through SYMBIOLINE Professional’s 4 interactive exercises. Exercises are provided as audio files with ambient music:

2. Biofeedback-assisted cardiac coherence

Professional users will be able to download additional cardiac coherence exercises on SYMBIOFI website.

Patients can practise cardiac coherence through SYMBIOLINE Professional’s cardiac coherence training modules. Each training module has a different graphic environment:

The Expert module offers a traditional graphic environment (with curves and graphs). It measures and analyzes heart rate variability and allows to calculate the user’s cardiac coherence parameter.

The Exercises module offers several interactive exercises, which are presented as real-time 3D animations (similar to 3D videogame animations). These exercises allow users to learn cardiac coherence in a gameplay environment. 4 exercises are currently available:

3. An interactive follow-up protocol : the e-learning module

The e-learning module allows professional users to monitor the whole array of medical and psychological data generated by the SYMBIOLINE solution, namely:

  • The mechanism of emotions
  • Heart rate variability and cardiac coherence
  • Relaxation
  • Stress and emotion management
  • Exercises