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How to use SYMBIOLINE Professional

SYMBIOLINE Professional is a perfect tool for holistic treatments of stress, which combine several complementary approaches.

The role of healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals who use SYMBIOLINE Professional act both as guides and advisors. They help patients become aware of their physiological responses (nervous tension, heart rate, breathing, muscular resistance, etc.) by using data obtained through SYMBIOLINE. Medical professionals provide information and encouragements, and help patients use the skills that they have acquired through SYMBIOLINE in everyday life.

It is generally deployed as part of a multidimensional treatment strategy, for example in behavioral therapies or in physical and therapeutic rehabilitation. It is often used in conjunction with other techniques, such as relaxation, or targeted exercises.

SYMBIOLINE Professional is a tool for learning to control heart rate and to improve cardiac coherence. Satisfactory and durable results depend on proper user training. Proper training increases patients’ motivation and perseverance, which empowers them to better control their body so as to prevent or treat a whole range of health problems due to stress.

In the course of their normal lives, patients who have been trained to use SYMBIOLINE will gradually become empowered to take control of their reactions and their behavior on their own, without using SYMBIOLINE. By mobilizing their new skills, patients will develop better personal mastery and become used to taking control of their own body.