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Scientific and technical implementation

SYMBIOFI has developed SYMBIOLINE Professional in cooperation with :

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s sensor

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s sensor is based on the ITM’s expertise in terms of advanced physiological monitoring systems.

Dr. Logier has designed SYMBIOLINE’s ECG sensor, as well as the measurement engine which allows to analyse hear rate variability.

Recording of heartbeats is performed by using a non-invasive peripheral (three bracelets), which collects the ECG signal, digitalizes it and transmits it to the PC across a USB interface. The sensor is very accurate, as it sends 250 data packages per second to the measurement engine which anayzes heart rate variability.

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s software program

Patent 1 : Method and device for filtering a series of cardiac rhythm signals (RR) derived from an ECG signal.
used to guarantee optimal accuracy and to eliminate artefacts when analyzing heart rate variability.

Patent 2 : Method and device for evauating pain and stress in a living being.
used to analyze heart rate variability and to use resulting data to calculate the cardiac coherence parameter

SYMBIOLINE Professional relies on a revolutionary method for processing an RR series, and for using results to analyze heart rate variability, and more particularly for monitoring an individual’s cardiac coherence parameter.

This method is based on two patents filed by Lille’s University Hospital, . It has been validated by clinical research, and meets the highest standards of scientific quality and credibility.

Contrary to previous methods, SYMBIOLINE Professional’s measurement engine allows to calculate a parameter that characterizes with much more accuracy the activity of the autonomic nervous system.

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s tutorial

SYMBIOLINE Professional includes an interactive tutorial based on simple exercises. The relaxation exercises are audio files, whereas the cardiac coherence training modules rely on immersive 3D (like in videogames).

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s tutorial provides healthcare professionals and stress management consultants with an interactive follow-up protocol.

Dr. Dominique Servant. is the autor of SYMBIOLINE's tutorial. He has also designed SYMBIOLINE's e-learning module.