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SYMBIOLINE Professional, an innovative technology

SYMBIOLINE Professional is not simply a cardiac coherence training tool, but a fully integrated platform that is an ideal solution for the psycho-education of stress and anxiety. Based on self-help therapy, it gives access to the basics of relaxation through appropriate exercises, and teaches users to manage stress and anxiety through biofeedback-assisted heart rate variability control.

Easy to use, SYMBIOLINE Professional is an ideal tool to do various relaxation exercises such as breathing control, progressive muscular relaxation, or mental imagery.


The aim of relaxation is to reach a better physiological balance and to acquire the capability of managing emotions.

All stress management programs use relaxation. Relaxation brings proven benefits, as it allows to reduce anxio-depressive symptoms and to educate one’s psychological response to stress.

Heart rate variability

SYMBIOLINE Professional allows to visualize one’s stress and emotional state, and to learn to control them through the analysis of heart rate variability and cardiac coherence training.

SYMBIOLINE’s key principle consists in training the patient to control his heart and his breath through computerized exercises, by visualizing the impact of this self-control technique in real time on a PC screen.
SYMBIOLINE Professional allows to beef up the adapatibility of the autonomic nervous system when it is faced with stress or stimuli. It strengthens its flexibility, in order to combat somatic and psychological pathologies, and thus allows our organism to restore a better cardio-vascular and cerebral balance.

SYMBIOLINE Professional provides health professional and stress management consultants with an ideal tool to help patients control their emotions, fight stress, and combat or
prevent the different illnesses related to stress, in particular somatic disorders (cardio-arterial disorders) and neuro-psychic disorders (anxiety, fatigue, irritability, headaches, sleep disorder…)

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is one of the applications of psycho-physiology, a science that studies the links between brain activity and physiological functions.

The objective of biofeedback is simple: empowering patients to control their bodies (including functions traditionally describe as involuntary) so as to prevent or cure a whole array of health disorders related to stress.

In particular, biofeedback focuses on the way our emotions and thoughts affect our organism and, conversely, on how the perception of signals emitted by the body can impact attitudes and behaviors.

Thus, biofeedback is a specialized intervention technique. The use of an electronic, computerized technology as a learning tool differentiates it from other self-regulation methods.

The basic concept of biofeedback can be summarized as follows: becoming aware means empowering oneself.