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Healthcare professionals : training sessions

In cooperation with Dr. SERVANT, SYMBIOFI can organize training sessions for professionals wishing to acquire additional skills in the field of biofeedback-assisted heart rate variability.

These training sessions pursue several objectives:

  • Answering any questions participants may have about SYMBIOFI’s products.
  • Showing how the cardiac coherence method can allow to manage stress and emotions.
  • Providing information about heart rate variability, cardiac coherence, and more generally, about the physiological aspect of stress management.
  • Engaging in a constructive debate, and exchanging methodologies for using SYMBIOFI’s products.

Instructors are trained experts of psychiatry and psychology. Dr. Dominique SERVANT heads our team of instructors.

A schedule of SYMBIOFI’s training sessions will soon be posted on SYMBIOFI’s website. An on-line registering system will be made available.

SYMBIOFI will organize these training sessions in cooperation with leading scientific societies, such as AFTA (Association française des troubles anxieux - The French Association of Anxious Disorders). Dr. Dominique SERVANT, one of our main scientific advisors, is a founding member of AFTA.

Feel free to contact us

You are a healthcare professional, a university instructor, and/or a researcher, and you wish to obtain further information about SYMBIOFI’s training sessions. Please contact us for further details.