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Cardiac coherence exercise: on a safari


You are in the middle of the African bush (you actually see this landscape on your computer screen), and you watch wild animals gathering around a pond to drink. The way these animals behave will depend on how well you manage to control cardiac coherence.

Beginning of the exercise

You are in the middle of the African bush, near a pond. You are on the watch for any signs of wild animals around the pond. The animals are still far away.


End of the exercise

You can observe the giraffe, ultimate wild animal to see.

  • If your cardiac coherence is low, the animals will not approach, or will leave very quicklyy.
  • On the contrary, if you manage to improve your cardiac coherence, animals will appear to be more confident and will approach. More and more animals will appear near the pond. When reaching almost perfect cardiac coherence, you will see a beautiful giraffe drinking from the pond.
From this description, you have probably guessed the principle of the exercise: just like when we are on a real photo safari, noise and stress will drive animals away. Keeping calm, remaining discrete and motionless are the things to do if you want to be able to watch gazelles, zebras, elephants and giraffes.


You are required to :

  • Allure and observe as many animals as you possibly can.
  • Reach the ultimate phase of the exercise, which is symbolized by the giraffe.