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Cardiac coherence exercise : rowing


You participate in an on-screen rowing race against another boat. You can alter the speed of your boat (which is diplayed in the foreground on your PC screen) by acting upon cardiac coherence.


You control the speed of the boat through cardiac coherence.

  • If your cardiac coherence is low, you will row out of pace and hectically, and the boat will slow down.
  • If your cardiac coherence is high, you will row in a paced, smooth manner, and the boat will gather speed
The principle of the exercise is easy to grasp: without proper control, sheer power is useless ; better cardiac coherence means more physical strength.

The second boat, which appears in the background, is controlled by the computer, and keeps trying to overtake your boat. You thus engages in a permanent challenge against the computer’s AI.


You are assigned two objectives :

  • Winning the race.
  • Covering the assigned distance (10,000 meters or 15,000 meters, this depends on the level of difficulty that has been set) in as little time as you can.