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Cardiac coherence exercise: in the garden


You will create your own garden by mastering cardiac coherence. You will literally bring the flowers, the trees, and all the plants of your garden to grow. You will see them develop and bloom as a direct result of improved cardiac coherence.

Beginning of the exercise

You discover the garden – plants are still scarce.


End of the exercise

You have brought plants, trees and flowers to grow into a wonderful garden (its appearance will be different each time the exercise is used).

  • If your cardiac coherence is poor, you will only bring few plants to grow, and the garden will remain sad and sullen.
  • On the contrary, by improving cardiac coherence, you will bring many different plants to grow, and the whole garden will bloom and blossom into a lush, beautiful landscape.
Of course, you have already understood that, in keeping with the philosophy of gardening, this exercise allows you to spruce up your own garden—and thus to spruce up your own system.


YOu are assigned two objectives:

  • Make the garden as beautiful as possible.
  • Reach, if possible, the utimate stage of the exercise: a Japanese cherry tree grows in the garden and symbolizes perfect cardiac coherence.