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SYMBIOLINE can be used as a cardiovascular rehabilitation tool

Stress is known to worsen cardiovascular pathologies

Why it is necessary to prevent stress

As stress can lead to cardiovascular disease, or can worsen cardiovascular pathologies, prevention is of the essence. By acquiring better stress management skills, you become able to mitigate its symptoms.

Anxiety, depression and anger are three negative emotions. Each of them can have a negative impact on our cardiovascular system.

In the long run, they can :

  • bring about artery clogs,
  • cause coagulation disorders,
  • lead to heart rate anomalies,
  • cause angina pectoris.

Besides, anxiety, depression and anger are associated with higher reactivity to stress.


Using SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition as a cardiovascular rehabilitation tool

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition is extremely useful for all patients with cardiovascular disorders. It is also suitable for patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation programs and stress

Cardiac rehabilitation programs allows patient who have experienced a cardiovascular event to return to an active and normal life. They allow to prevent the recurrence of cardiac events by teaching patients to readapt to physical activity. They also indoctrinate patients into better behaviours towards stress. Rehabilitation programs also include prevention techniques and psychological assistance.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs aim to help patients recover physically and psychologically following a cardiac event. The objective is to help patients acquire a healthier lifestyle, and eventually to help them resume their normal lives.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition is a supportive care tool that can improve the quality of life and the well-being of patients following a cardiac rehabilitation program.