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Managing stress through relaxation

Stress management programs allow to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. They improve our psychological response to stress by teaching us how to better control our emotions.

The efficiency of stress management programs can be bolstered if they are used in conjunction with relaxation techniques. Research has shown that relaxation techniques help strengthen our resilience to stress.

Relaxation techniques

These relaxation techniques help us reach a better physical and psychological balance, which empowers us to better manage our emotions. A state of full relaxation can be achieved by different means:

  • breathing techniques (which yoga has used for centuries) are the most traditional method.
  • similarly, muscular relaxation can be used. It allows you to reach a state of full relaxation by easing the tension in your muscles.
  • finally, it is also possible to mobilize techniques based on modification of consciousness, such as hypnosis or sophrology, or techniques based on meditation or “thought work”—these techniques bring about physiological changes in our system, and help us build more stability and more>

Practise relaxation with SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition

All the techniques mentioned above can be used in conjunction with the SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition technology. Its relaxation module comprises 4 exercises:

  • Relaxation through breathing control
  • Relaxation by focus on breathing
  • Relaxation through progressive muscular relaxation
  • Relaxation through the visualization of a beautiful landscape