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Meditation : focus on breathing

Focus on breathing

Focus on breathing

Meditation through focus on breathing is close to Yoga. You are required to focus on breathing, and to devote all your attention to the simple fact of breathing. Through regular practice, you will gradually regain emotional stability, an learn to use this relaxation technique in everyday life. Similar exercises, which consist in becoming aware of things we routinely do in everyday life (walking, eating, washing our hands), are also highly recommended.
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When we experience events, we are disturbed by “parasitic” thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that we may not always be aware of. Such a state can be analyzed as “being on autopilot”. Thus, the objective of relaxation through meditation is to increase our awareness of what we are doing at any given moment. Indeed, the feelings and the sensations that we have mentioned are linked to negative emotions that increase anxiety and undermine morale, particularly in patients with high levels of psychological distress.
This meditation technique aims to alter your state of mind - as such, it is linked to cognitive and behavioral therapies.
The goal is to bring about cognitive and emotional changes. It should of course be stressed that we only resort to this technique for psychotherapeutic purposes. By mobilizing it, we do not pursue any religious or mystic purposes. This technique has allowed to obtain encouraging results in stress management programs, or in the prevention of depressive relapses.