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Fighting migraine with SYMBIOLINE

Though not often acknowledged as such, migraine is a neurological disease. 25% of people with migraine simply choose to do nothing about it. 50% resort to self-medication, and 75% say that they are not content with the results of the treatment. Despite this, only 20% of people with migraine actually consult their physician for advice on how to fight migraine, even though therapies are much more efficient today.

Stress and tension trigger migraine

Migraine bouts are very often triggered by the psychological context (anxiety, stress, emotions):

  • 58 % of migraines occur in a context of fatigue or sleep deprivation.
  • 34 % of migraines are triggered by stress

Recommendations by the National Health Evaluation Agencies

Non pharmacological approaches to migraine prevention and treatment.
The efficiency of relaxation, biofeedback, cognitive therapies, and behavioral stress management techniques has been demonstrated. These techniques can efficiently be mobilized as a therapeutic tool (after evaluating the patient’s psychological profile). These treatments are more efficient than beta adrenergic blocking agents.

For tension-induced migraines, it is very useful to mobilize all the techniques that alleviate tension, such as relaxation, or slow breathing.
Here the term “tension” refers to anxious tensions, or muscular tension in nervous or anxious people, who unconsciously activate their cervical muscles (foe example after a long and tiring workday).

For chronic migraines, anxiety management is key to recovery. Indeed, anxiety and depression are known aggravating factors of migrainous pains. Besides, the sheer fear that a migraine bout may occur pushes anxiety levels up—and anxiety being a major cause of chronic migraine, what we have here is a vicious circle.

Consequently, techniques that allow to fight or prevent stress and anxiety are recommended by the National Health Evaluation Agencies. Non-pharmalogical approaches, in particular, are highly recommended.


SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition helps you treat migraines

As you have just learned, managing your stress, fighting or preventing anxiety or tension, are key strategies for treating migraine.

By reducing your anxiety, improving your ability to adapt to stress, and training you to bring your emotions under control, SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition contributes to reducing migrainous symptoms. It makes use of techniques that are highly recommended by healthcare professionals.

Through regular practice, SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition will allow you to reach relaxation, attain cardiac coherence, restore and boost the balance of your system. This will help you prevent or treat migraine more efficiently.