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Using SYMBIOLINE to manage professional stress

Stress at the workplace is a major challenge today

In 1969, Bradley identified a particular kind of stress - work-related stress. He coined the term “burnout” to describe this form of stress. More recently, in a book published in 1980, psychoanalyst and practitioner Herbert J. Freudenberger defined “burnout” as a syndrome caused by exhaustion and exposure to permanent and prolonged stress.

For more than a decade, work-related stress has been one of the major challenges faced by organizations and corporations.

Some figures

  • 27% of employees complain about problems due to stressful working conditions (according to a survey conducted in 2005 by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Working Conditions).
  • Work-related stress is the third most serious health problem at the workplace, preceded only by backache (29%) and musculoskeletal disorders (28%).
  • 61% of employees perceive their occupation as “highly stressful” (according to a survey conducted in 2003 by the Ministry of Labor).
  • In 2002, 50% of absenteeism was due to work-related stress.


Work-related stress and heart rate variability

There remains no doubt that work-related stress does have a negative impact on health at the workplace. This is why several scientific teams have sought to determine the impact of work-related stress on heart rate variability:

  • Studies focusing on employees with hypertension have clearly established that high work-related stress levels lead to higher blood pressure levels and lower heart rate>
  • Similarly, lower heart rate variability and high work-related stress levels are associated with higher risks of cardiovascular disease.
Several methods have been explored to restore heart rate variability. However, the latest studies show that cardiac coherence is the most efficient technique.
Besides, cardiac coherence can easily be used by anyone, it is not aggressive, and has no side effects.

Preventing work-related stress through cardiac coherence

What the SYMBIOLINE technology brings

Training with SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition enables your body to restore the flexibility it needs to adjust its emotional response to work-related stress.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition makes use of a revolutionary, patented technology for calculating heart rate variability. It allows you to improve your cardiac coherence and your vagal tone. Thus, it makes you able to face up to many of the problems that may occur at your workplace.

By empowering you to control your body again, including some functions that are traditionally described as involuntary, such as heart rate, or breathing, SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition will help your prevent and treat a great number of health problems that are caused by work-related stress.