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Relaxation through progressive muscular relaxation

Progressive muscular relaxation

Progressive muscular relaxation

After training for a few weeks, you will gradually learn to reach a state of full relaxation. Thus, if you are faced with a stressful situation in your everyday life, you will be able to mobilize this muscular relaxation exercise to bring your emotions under control. Our progressive muscular relaxation exercise will also allow you to reach a state of relaxation more quickly.
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This technique requires you to tense their muscles, then let go : the exercise is based on successive cycles that allow you to gradually reach relaxation. There is a strong link between muscular tension and our emotional state: the more our muscles are tensed, the less relaxed we are.
The objective of this exercise is to teach you how to reach a state of muscular relaxation on your own, through repeated exercises which allow you to become aware of states of tension and states of relaxation in various muscle groups.
In this exercise, you will successively tighten and relax tense each muscle group. This will allow you to reach a state of full relaxation, both on the muscular level and on the psychological level.