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Cardiac coherence is the talk of the town

Many benefits

Cardiac coherence is receiving increasing attention among healthcare professionals. Indeed, cardiac coherence brings many physiological benefits. It allows our organism to save energy, and allows us to restore the flexibility of our system, thus improving our ability to fight somatic and psychological pathologies. An easy-to-use, non-invasive technique, it has no side effets. Besides, it is an interesting alternative to drugs -hence its legitimacy as a therapeutic tool.

Cardiac coherence was first used to prevent cardiovascular disease. Nowadays, stress management programs increasingly resort to cardiac coherence as a therapeutic tool. We shall now explain why.

The concept of cardiac coherence originates in neuroscience and cardiology research programs. Cardiac coherence is also termed respiratory sinus arryhtmia (RSA). RSA describes the way your breathing impacts your autonomic nervous system, as we shall explain in the following pages.

Your heart rate increases when you inhale and decreases when you exhale. Thus, the time period between each of your heartbeats varies ever so slightly - but it keeps varying constantly. This is called heart rate variability or HRV. HRV can be smooth - this is when you reach cardiac coherence. But it can also be chaotic and disorderly.