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Building new skills to manage stress, anxiety and emotions

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition is a supportive care tool. It is best used when deployed as part of multimodal treatments of stress and anxiety.

Empowering yourself

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition will empower you to act upon your own system, to change its reactions and its behavior. Through practice, you will build new skills that will help you gain control of yourself. Gradually, you will become able to mobilize the skills that you develop with SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition. Eventually, you will not need assistance from the SYMBIOLINE technology anymore, as you manage to fight stress, anxiety, and excessive emotions on your own.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition is a perfect tool for learning relaxation and cardiac coherence. Please note that best results are obtained through regular and organized practice. SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition’s long-lasting impact on your stress levels is based on your motivation and your willingness to fully implement a coherent stress relieving program. SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition will help you reinforce your determination to control your own body, and ultimately heal a whole array of health problems stemming from stress.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition is a tool that trains you to reach relaxation and cardiac coherence. Regular practice is needed to obtain satisfactory and long-lasting results. Motivation and full compliance with a therapeutic program are both essential to ensure that you can better control your body, and thus prevent a whole array of stress-induced health problems.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition will help you become aware of your physiological responses (tension, heart rate, breath, muscular resistance, etc.). It will help you educate your body in new skills, namely:

  • controlling and adapting your body’s reactions,
  • learning to breathe evenly and to relax,
  • visualizing how your thoughts and emotions affect your body and how they act on your emotional brain (the area of your brain that controls your hear and your breath).