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Manage stress and treat anxiety with SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition is an interactive technology that helps you better manage your stress and your anxiety. By using SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition, you will develop new skills that will help you bring your emotions under control.

Learning to cure onesefl

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition empowers both professionals (i.e. therapists, coaches or personal development consultants) and patients, offering a unique self-help therapeutic approach.

It allows users to master the basic techniques of relaxation through appropriate exercises. It also allows users to control stress, anxiety and emotions, by increasing heart rate variability through biofeedback.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition’s key idea is to gradually empower you to control your heart and your breath. Its built-in, innovative tutorial allows you to visualize your progress instantly on your PC screen. SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition enables you to chart your own path towards cardiac coherence.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition thus allows your body to restore the flexibility it needs to adjust its emotional responses to stress.

Through regular practice, you will gradually regain control of your own body - you will even become able to control some functions that are generally described as involuntary. This will enable you to prevent and treat many of the health problems that are due to stress.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition’s key concept can be summarized as follows: becoming aware means empowering yourself