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The Expert heart rate variability module relies on two patented medical devices.

Profiles management

When using SYMBIOLINE Professional, professional
users can generate and manage an unlimited
number of patient profiles or customer profiles.
SYMBIOLINE Professional's software program allows
to activate a profile very easily, without having
to enter new settings each time.

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s Expert module

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s Expert module offers all the functionalities that healthcare professionals, training professionals or sports professionals can expect. It is a state-of-the-art clinical research tool: oscilloscopes with zoom and replay functions, recording of data, statistical suite for a precise follow-up of patients, printing capabilities, etc.

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s Expert module relies on two medical patents filed by the University Hospital of Lille.
These patents are related to devices and methods for processing of an RR series and more particularly, for monitoring an individual’s cardiac coherence parameter. This revolutionary method allows to characterize the activity of the autonomic nervous system with extreme accuracy.


  • 3 real-time oscilloscopes, displaying three curves:
  • ECG
    cardiac coherence

  • Real-time display of RR intervals
  • Real-time display of heart rate
  • Real-time display of cardiac coherence percentage
  • Breathing tutorial (which can be adjusted by breathing cycles and cyclical ratio)
  • 3 real-time bar graph meters displaying the percentage of time spent in each zone of cardiac coherence :
  • Zone 1 : coherence from 0% to 20% of total time
    Zone 2 : coherence from 20% to 50% of total time
    Zone 3 : coherence above 50% of total time

  • Real-time statistics and recordings for :
  • mean, minimal and maximal cardiac coherence
    mean, minimal and maximal heart rate
    exercise duration
    percentage of time spent in each zone of cardiac coherence

  • Recording and replay of tachogram and cardiac coherence curves
  • Any area of the recording can be acessed at the user’s discretion
    Toolbox with advanced functionalites
    Printing of graphs
    Adjustable graph scales
    Zoom on axes, zoom on windows
    Built-in screen print capability