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Patent 1 : processing the ECG signal

Method and device for filtering a series of cardiac rhythm signals (RR) derived from a cardiac signal, and more particularly an ECG signal.

In practice, disturbance is often noted in the cardiac signal, and more particularly in the ECG signal. Such disturbance leads to sharp, short-lived variations in the RR series derived from this cardiac signal. These variations are often called artefacts.

What patent n°1 brings

Patent 1 is based on a new, automatic method for filtering an RR series. This method allows to overcome all or most of the drawbacks associated with previous methods. It is implemented in real time, as the cardiac signal is being acquired.

Artifacts in the RR series are caused by disturbance that can be of physiological origin and intrinsically linked to a temporary malfunction of the cardiac system, e.g. an extrasystole.

Such disturbance can also be due to an external event, which is not linked to the cardiac system, for example when the patient moves, or when an electrode loses contact with the patient’s skin, which can briefly alter the signal.

Artifacts in an RR series can lead to one single erroneous sample, or to a series of successive erroneous samples.

Thus, in order to obtain precise and reliable information, it is paramount to eliminate these artifacts before carrying out the transposition.